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    Choosing our first Little Girl's Name...

    So we are due in less than three weeks and like not knowing if it is a boy or girl. We have one son already named Caleb Emerson and have narrowed our boy name down to Owen Malachi or Owen Nathanael. We were wanting some help with the baby girl names.....let us know what you think of the following. Thanks.

    Emma Paige
    Emma Grace

    Ellery Elizabeth
    Ellery Grace

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    Emma Grace is really classic & much classier than Ellery imo.

    Emma Paige is sweet too.

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    You should post this in the girl's forum (it's a busy forum)

    I like Emma Grace the best, beautiful.

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    I prefer Emma over Ellery. Keep in mind Emma shares the Em- with Emerson.
    Emma Grace is too common, it lacks a special feel. Emma Paige is much better.
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    Caleb Emerson and Owen Nathanael (is there a reason for the Nathanael spelling?) are lovely together, and I could picture them with a sister named Emma Grace.
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