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    Recent UK Birth Announcements

    Thought I'd share some birth announcements that I found in The Telegraph (one of our national newspapers). Might be interesting

    ~ Alfie Alexander
    ~ Hugo Henry (Brother to Humphrey)
    ~ Wilfred John Frank
    ~ Barnaby Bacchus
    ~ Ethan John
    ~ Michael James Devine
    ~ Frederick Malcolm Hewage (Brother to Henry)
    ~ James George (Brother to Harry Alexander)
    ~ TWINS: Johnnie and Charlie (Brothers to Jack)
    ~ Zachary

    ~ Mary Elizabeth
    ~ Imogen Anne
    ~ Tallulah Alice Lara (Sister to Imogen and Freddie)
    ~ Eliza Mariquita (Sister to Louis)
    ~ Eliza Alice (Sister to Rory)
    ~ Safia Imogen (Sister to Arlo)
    ~ Molly Kaur (Sister to Flora)
    ~ Isabelle Mary Celia (Sister to Charlie and Jamie)
    ~ Olive Ashley (Sister to Ted Peter)
    ~ Poppy Theodora

    What do you think of these names?
    Would be interesting if people shared birth announcements from their areas!
    ~ 23 year-old name lover ~

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