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    thoughts on Astoria

    A friend of a friend had a girl named Astoria nn Stori mn J@yne. Wdyt?

    I am not a fan. Especially of the Y thrown in there with Jane which drags down a lovely & simple classic imo. Astoria is nms either. Place names aren't my thing & ones that try to sound hip/urban are at the bottom of the list for me.

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    I love it, though I wouldn't use it unless I was from there or had a special connection to the place. Jayne is actually a pretty common misspelling of Jane, so I'm pretty used to it. I'd say she did pretty well - it could have been something like Astarriah Jaynee (please vote!)

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    I've always liked Astoria because of Waldorf Astoria Cake (aka Red Velvet). Hate Story/Stori.

    Jane is pretty dull to me but Jayne has some Hollywood sparkle due to Jayne Mansfield

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    Astoria... It sounds so fairytale exotic, so verdant.. I can tell you that Astoria is really not what it promises to be. I would never in a bazillion years name my kid Astoria (being from Brooklyn) but I think the world needs more people with zany names. So I vote in favor of it, especially since she's already been named! More power to her.

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    Haha, I grew up in Astoria, Queens (NYC) so I could never imagine using it as a given name. But I guess without that strong connection it's usable. It's interesting, at least. Kind of pretty. Definitely a strong and memorable name. The nickname is cute but I'd like it better spelled Story.

    I love Jane as a middle name.
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