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  • Mary Brooks

    4 8.89%
  • Elizabeth

    31 68.89%
  • Morgan

    7 15.56%
  • Gray

    3 6.67%
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    Torn between 4 names!

    We've finally narrowed our list own after many long nights talking it through. We love each name equally for different reasons. Please help us pick the best one for our second little girl due in 8 weeks!

    Mary Brooks - double first name, both family names. A fresher feel than Mary Beth, which DH vetoed
    Elizabeth Caroline- both family names. I think we will call her the full Elizabeth, small possiblity of nn Eliza or Libby.
    Morgan Elizabeth- both family names
    Gray Elizabeth- Gray is not a family name, just a name we both really love

    Would love any feedback or opinions on our final set. You have all been such a big help!

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    Brooks is my middle name and I hated it because it was a boys name. I can't imagine what I would have thought about it as my first name.
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    I really like the idea of Mary Brooke, so I voted for Mary Brooks in hopes that you might consider changing it to that! Not a huge fan of the "s" at the end as you have it now, as it makes it weirdly surnamey.

    Otherwise, Elizabeth Caroline is pretty but not especially exciting. I don't really get Grey, and Morgan seems a little done, but all fine names, I suppose!

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    I voted for Elizabeth... I love the mn Caroline.
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    I like Elizabeth Caroline and Morgan Elizabeth the best. I voted for Elizabeth because I thought your first daughter's name was Anna Grace, but then I read your other posts and saw your daughter is Allison Jane (Ally). So in that case I would change my vote to Morgan if I could... I think Ally and Morgan sound great together, they both have the same spunky feel to me. I picture sisters who love to run around, probably play sports, and like to laugh and have a lot of fun! Elizabeth is a lot more proper and formal sounding to me, it's beautiful, but I picture her more as a sister to an Anna or Mary than an Ally... Good luck!
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