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    What Would Your Celeb Baby Name Be?

    So we all know of the trends of celebrities naming their children after all kinds of things from the weird and wonderful to the outright crazy (eg. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's Apple Martin, Pete Wentz and Megan Camper's Bronx Mowgli Wentz...I actually like these ones though). What would your celebrity baby name be?

    In this game you basically just have to post a first name, a middle name, (and a second middle name if you like) for a boy and for a girl, for example:

    Girl: Margot Harlow Camilla
    Boy: Harry Jacob Matthew

    BUT you can use absolutely any name you like, the stranger the better. The next poster has to say if they prefer the previous poster's girl name or boy name, and if they think it could be used as an actual name. Feel free to add surnames if you like but please put them in brackets.

    I'll go first:

    Girl: Wednesday Peach Indigo (Magnussen)
    Boy: Hercules Romeo Holland (Magnussen)

    Bronwyn "Winnie" Kay | Ilaria Sloane
    Ellis Harvey | Logan Finn | Heath Lorcán


    Darcy | Iona | Winona | Evaine
    Ennis | Elias | Roan | Cillian | Logan | Brando

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