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    I love Ford Pierson and Virginia Ellis. They make a lovely set!
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    Ford Pierson and Ellis Catherine (or Ellis Caroline, I can't decide!)

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    Ford Pierson and Virginia Ellis (or Leighton Powell and then both would have P middle names)

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    I like Ford Pierson. I don't like the double d ending of Edward Ford. Ford Sutton sounds like Fort Sumter, lol. And Powell just isn't an attractive name to me.

    I think the flow of Caroline Ellis and Catherine Ellis is beautiful and much better than the reverse of either. If you're fine with using her middle name, then I'd go with one of those. I think Ellis is the best of your 3 girl choices. Hayes sounds like haze to me, or like "hey" which would be strange. Leighton is okay, but I much prefer Ellis.
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    I really like Ford Pierson and Edward Ford. Ellis Caroline/Catherine are great but I agree with the pp and think that Caroline Ellis or Catherine Ellis is better and you can still call her Ellis.
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