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    Help me choose my boy/girl twin names!!

    We are expecting boy/girl twins in 10 weeks or less and still can't settle on two names!! My husband is firmly settled at least on "Ford" for our boy. Since I got to name our son Graham I am going to give him this one and I think Ford is a nice strong, masculine name to compliment Graham. Our considerations for the full name are:

    Edward "Ford"
    Ford Sutton
    Ford Pierson
    Ford Powell

    Most are family names.

    For the girl twin our top names are all gender neutral surnames. I know some people don't like those, but that is what we prefer so I would love your opinions on the three names: Leighton, Hayes, or Ellis. Here are a few choice combos:

    Virginia "Ellis"
    Ellis Catherine
    Ellis Caroline
    Caroline "Hayes"
    Bridget "Hayes"
    "Leighton" Hayes
    Leighton Powell
    Leighton Virginia

    I go by my middle name and that is pretty common in our area, so I am flexible on the choosen name being first or middle.

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    My picks are Ford Pierson and Leighton Powell I like the middle names sort of tying the twins together... and I can just foresee "Ford and Leighton" as sibling names!!

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    If you are going to call him Ford then I would use that as the first name. I think it's great! Ford Pierson and Caroline
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    Ford Pierson and Ellis Caroline would be GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like Ford Sutton and Ellis Caroline together.

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