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    I live in London, and I think people might take the mick out of him if his name was London. I'd go with Sebastian and not tell the locals what his middle name is.

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    I prefer Sebastian. I get where you're coming from regarding London being more unique, since Sebastian is in the top 100 for boys' names in the U.S, but even though London is less used than Sebastian the -den/dan/don ending is really common for boys right now, and I suspect that London would just blend in with all of those. This is only relevant if he's being raised in the U.S, though, and from your post I'm not sure if that's the plan or if he'll be raised in the U.K. If the latter is the case, I agree that the name London might lead to some teasing.

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    Sebastian is classy, stylish and intelligent sounding and London just isn't, sorry. I know people are saying that they live in Archer or Jasper or whatever but London is an ancient, famous, international city and as such much more recognizable as a place rather than a name. Calling a child London is like calling a child New York to my ears. And I know Paris is used but that's a mythology name so it has a different vibe (though I still dislike it!)

    However, using London as a middle name as that's where your son was born suddenly makes it a bit cooler and quirkier and paired with the very elegant Sebastian it takes on a different feel. The middle name spot can be very transformative!

    I don't mean to offend you, I just really hope you choose Sebastian!

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    Sebastian London. London is typically used for girls and seems tacky for either gender.

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    Sebastian, by far! Sebastian is handsome, striking and classy, whereas London is unisex at best, trendy, and more than a little tacky.
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