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    London is far more common for girls.

    The main issue is connotation, and frankly it's a class issue. Sebastian is refined, debonair, and upper-class; London is trendy, tacky, and lower-middle to low. It would be extremely embarassing to be named London and to actually live in London. Just like no one in NYC names their daughter Brooklyn, Seattleites can't use Rainier, and people in Charlottesville rarely name their daughter Charlotte or Virginia, to be named the same thing as the town in which you reside is very confusing.
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    Sebastian is definitely better in this case.
    Not only is London very, very feminine, but if you're going to be living in London it seems ridiculous to give your child that name. You wouldn't name a child America if you were living in the states.

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    London! I love it for a boy
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    I agreeance with the other commenters. I prefer Sebastian and feel that it is the more sophisticated choice especially if you are living in London. I also feel London seems more feminine than masculine. Landon could be an alternative but I think it's fairly popular.

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    LOVE Sebastian but be aware that it is storming up the UK name charts... To English ears London as a given name would be very unusual (but at least we could all spell it)

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