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    Getting frustrated trying to find THE PERFECT name

    Trying to fine THE perfect name for my daughter. I've searched every list, website, book, etc and It seems like all the same names, or some crazy off-the-wall made up names. I keep thinking if I look one more time I'll find the perfect name that I'll fall in love with. I'm afraid I've already used that name for my first daughter and will have to settle for something that I like but don't love for my second daughter.

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    It would be helpful to know you daughters name to see what style of name you like.

    The "PERFECT" name may not exist but the name that's perfect for your daughter surely will.

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    My daughters name is Greta Gabrielle. She's 17 months and we're expecting our second girl in April. We really want to use Giselle but I cannot find a middle name that I love that goes with Giselle. I feel like I've looked on every single list, posted millions of threads, etc. and if I can't find anything I'm going to settle on Giselle Grace. Grace is my middle name so at least it will have meaning but I feel like there's a name out there that could better enhance Giselle.. I decided to take a week off from the 'name game' and now I'm back at it, still searching..

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    Do you think you're always going to stick to G names or would you choose a name beyond that?

    Instead of Giselle:
    Georgina (English; farmer)
    Graziella (Italian; grace) (Diminutive of Grazia, form of Grace) (nn. Grace, Gray, Ziel, Ella/Elle)
    Griselys (Germanic; grey warrior) (GRAYZahLihZ) (It's a form of Griselda)

    Name meaning Grace:

    Greta & Graziella sounds cute together, although perhaps too close together. Maybe use Graziella as a middle.

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    We're pretty stuck on Giselle as a first name. We've tried for the last 6 months to think of a non G name or use Giselle as the mn, but we really like Giselle for the first name. It's just a tough one to pair with a mn

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