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    Middle names for twins Taylor and Paige

    We are having twin girls and are very happy with the names Taylor and Paige Halligan. We are looking for a one or two syllable middle name for Taylor and a two syllable middle name for Paige. My husband likes traditional middle names like Ann and Lynn. I feel like they have been overused, but need to suggest something that isn't too unusual to get him on board. Please help! Here are some names we are considering so please let us know your thoughts and please make suggestions!

    Paige Caitlin
    Paige Kelly
    Paige Dylan
    Paige Christine (his great grandmother's name, but we didn't know was a suggestion from a family member)
    Taylor Christine
    Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Brooke
    Taylor Reese
    Taylor Kelly

    Of course we love Taylor Paige as one name, but we are really hoping to use both as first names. However, if you have a twin name that goes well with Taylor I'll take those recommendations as well. Thanks everyone!

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    Congratulations on your daughters! I'm glad you found names you like so easily.

    I really like the notion of pairing them with something classic and unambiguously feminine. Of your choices, my favorite by far was Christine for Paige. It's beautiful, works optimally from a flow perspective, and honors a family member.

    For Taylor, I like something that has more vowel sounds, since Taylor starts and ends with strong consonant sounds. Some thoughts:


    Taylor Eve
    Taylor Maeve

    Taylor actually works extremely well with something longer:

    Taylor Genevieve
    Taylor Alessandra
    Taylor Aubrianna
    Taylor Emiliana
    Taylor Nicoletta
    Taylor Seraphina
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    I think Taylor and Paige make great twin names! I will confess, however, that I find several of these middle name options (Caitlin, Kelly, Brooke, and Leigh as a middle) a bit dated; as a person in my mid-twenties, they're the names of peers and people slightly older than I. (If you look at the SSA website, those names in particular were highly ranked in the 1980s and 1990s and are descending at a decent clip now...) I really like Reese, but dislike how the R at the end of Taylor runs into the R at the start of Reese: Tayloreese. And while I understand that Dylan works fine on a girl, it's ranked at #33 for boys; with Paige (which was once much more unisex and used on boys), I think Dylan makes that name fairly masculine.

    Christine is the standout for me; it's graceful, feminine, and has lovely meaning to your family. I think it's beautiful with either daughter's name, though I slightly prefer Taylor Christine (the R and T sounds shared by both names make it flow nicely!).

    I notice that the middle names you like tend to be crisp, shorter, full of lighter vowels and sharp consonant sounds. Here are some other suggestions:

    Taylor Ivy
    Taylor Belle
    Taylor Brynn
    Taylor Wren
    Taylor Kate
    Taylor Eve
    Taylor Shea ("Shay")
    Taylor Eliza or Taylor Elizabeth
    Taylor Autumn
    Taylor Delaney
    Taylor Stella
    Taylor Aubrey
    Taylor Violet
    Taylor Sadie

    Paige Eden
    Paige Aria
    Paige Amelia
    Paige Elodie
    Paige Emmeline
    Paige Eva
    Paige Lillian
    Paige Madeline
    Paige Isla
    Paige Serena
    Paige Caroline
    Paige Savannah

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    The stand out quality of both first names is that long 'a' sound. Also like the elegant simplicity of each. I vote Taylor Grace and Paige Caitlin.

    Have you considered not using middle names?

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    Thanks everyone! We appreciate the help. We still aren't sure of what we are going to do, but we are mulling over your recommendations seriously!

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