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    With my first I had a labial tear. I must have not been stitched up correctly because 4 days postpartum I had to return to the hospital due to an inability to void my bladder. While inserting a catheter (to take a urine sample) the catheter would not go in, so it was revealed that one of the stitches was somehow blocking the urethra. So they removed the stitch (did I mention that whole ordeal was worse than the birth itself?!). I also developed a fistula in that area a few weeks later, which had to be corrected. The tear itself remained open after the stitch was removed in the ER, and bothered me for the next 2 years, at which point I asked my doctor to suture it again, properly this time, which she did. So my recovery was 2 years. That was 4 years ago. I recently had my 2nd child. During the pregnancy I did tons of research on how to prevent tearing, and I ended up insisting that I give birth while on my hands and knees, and receive absolutely no coaching during pushing. It was awesome. I could completely listen to my body, and only pushed when the urge became involuntary. I had no tearing at all, and it only took 9 minutes. Afterwards I felt like skipping down the hall to recovery. The recovery this time was not so much from the birth but more from the pregnancy. I had back problems, and they're not going away. So that part sucks. Otherwise I felt absolutely amazing right afterwards.
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    I had to get a couple stitches from tearing, but I felt fine after about 2 or 3 weeks, and back to normal (other than still having super huge boobs) in about 5.
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    mimimommy--that sounds awful, but I guess "worse than the birth itself" covers that. I'm just very glad to hear things went so much better the second time around.

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