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    6 months sounds a little OTT to me too. I would definitely say that I was a mixture of emotions after giving birth. I had a natural birth with just gas and air, and a relatively average length labour at 16 hours. When Amelie was born, I was very tender and sore "down there". Even sitting up straight or standing hurt for a week or so. But I was so besotted by her that I struggled through.

    My midwife told me during my labour not to over exert myself for the first week or two. She said most new moms want to do everything for their baby - which is natural. But not to be afraid to accept help because our bodies have just gone through quite a traumatic procedure and we need to recover from that too.

    I think it took about 12-16 weeks for myself to feel completely normal. I don't think there is any standard recovery time - Every mom, baby and birth will be different and this will reflect in the amount of time it takes mom to recover

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    I had 3 natural births with only a local for the epeziotomy, any other small tears healed on their own. My first labor was 10 hours long, my second and third were only about 3 hours long. I breast fed my babies and so the healing process was extremely natural and quick. Physical healing was totally complete for me within 3 weeks. However, the weepies continued on for several months. I am fortunate to have a good husband and family that helped out a lot. Hopefully, things go just as smoothly for this next birth!

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    After the fact, if someone else did it, it can be difficult. Especially if the provider closed the top layer-- the mucosa-- but not the muscles (which is a common error among non-MD providers); the surface on speculum exam would look healed & closed, but the problem would lie underneath. It's only if problems arise suggestive of non-union of the musculature that one would begin to suspect a poor suturing job.
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    After about a month I felt pretty normal. I had a terrible 3rd degree tear, and the recovery was rough, but after two weeks I was off of pain meds and moving around like normal.

    Sexually though things took much longer. As I said, I tore really badly, so we didn't even try for about 5 months, but when we did I was WAY too tight for things to work out. I ended up needing to get granulation (I think that's what they called it) tissue removed from my scar (internal) twice and got a prescription for a cream they give to menopausal women to kind of elastize the area. By 8 months or so things we're great, and sex was better than ever.

    I did have a lot of damage from my difficult labor (and probably lot of bad genetic luck too) to my internal organs. My bladder took a beating and the ligament that holds the urethra up is pretty much gone. They're doing surgery after my next is born to fix it, so yeah I have stress incontinence. It's only when I exercise, so I don't for now. I can't wait to get it fixed. I did physical therapy for this which was awkward, but my pc muscles are crazy strong now, but I still need the surgery. This probably isn't something to worry about though. I think it's rare for one pregnancy/birth to cause this. I'm just lucky lol.

    As for hemorrhoids. I got them internally, and it's still an issue sometimes. I can't see or feel them though, so it's not that big of a deal.

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    Wow, my issues seem quite benign now! Thanks for all the feedback. It's good to be told (even though you kind of knoe/expect it anyway) that things do eventually go back to normal most of the time, even if there are some bumps along the road.

    Thanks for the medical info Blade. It actually was an MD that stitched me uo 'cause I was transferred to the hospital with a fever. But I think I'll mention the suturing issue possibility next time I see my ob.
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