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Thread: Your name!

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    I'm Jamie Lynne. I don't dislike it. I went to school with a few other Jamies, but it was never confusing about which Jamie people were talking to.

    I love my middle name. It's my aunt's name and my mom's best friend's name so it's nice to have that connection to women I admire.
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    My name is Sydney Paige. There are 7 generations of Sydney/Sidney (Sy for females and Si for males) and I am the 5th out of 8 now. I love my name, but would get frustrated that there was nothing with my name on it. Now it's a bit more popular, I hear lots of moms yelling Sydney! Paige was never fully explained, but I've heard a few different explainations. Either way they just liked it. It flows well I think. I used to pretend my name was Sayword when I was little though. My cousins best friend was named that and I thought it was SOO cool
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    Tara Kristine. First, I'm only seventeen so every other Tara I've seen or met has been a lot older than me. I remember when I was really little thinking my name was actually unique because I hadn't met anybody else with it. Now I know that it was just an out-of-date name. I don't mind it, mostly because I'm not sure anything else would fit me. Kristine is my mother's name, which I think is pretty cool. If I ever have a little girl, I want to name her Kristabel, so it's kind of like passing down the name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carolinagirl View Post
    I have always loved my name (Caroline Grace)
    Oh hey, I'm Caroline Joy! haha.

    I've always loved my name too. I think I went through a brief phase in 1st grade of wanting to be a Kimberly (total 1990 cool girl name) and another brief phase a few years later of wanting to be a Wisteria (where I got that, I have no idea) but overall, I loved being a Caroline and always felt it suited me.

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    My name is Cynthia. I was born in '83, well after Cynthia peaked. I loved it growing up because it was so uncommon among my peers. Until I turned 18, I had only known one other Cynthia. I might add that I live in a french community, so Cynthia was never very popular here, not even in the 50s, 60s or 70s. I loved that it has history and meaning, as well as a feminine/distinctive sound. I don't love it as much now that I realized that it is dated and that it used to be popular. I go by Cindy most of the time anyways, which I don't like at all! lol

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