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    I think Vivi is a cute nickname option for Genevieve.

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    Taking his favorites and giving them spunky nicknames:

    Charlotte - Lotte
    Amelia/Emilia - Millie
    Genevieve - Gigi
    Valerie - Nothing I can do for Valerie!
    Veronica - Vinca (Vinca is a neat little flowering plant, also known as periwinkle.) or lovely Vera!
    Vanessa - This one's hard to nickname. Nessa, but that's a bit Loch Ness.
    Alexandra - Sasha, Sandy, Zandra (or spell it Xandra) maybe Zadie? It's a bit of a stretch, but if Sasha works, why not Zadie?
    Eloise - Lou
    Jessica - Jesca (Medieval version of Jessica) or Jess, obviously
    Elizabeth - Bette ("Betty!") What could be better? or Eliza.
    Emily - There's Millie again.
    Juliet - Etta

    I also really like Annika and Marina. Annika makes me think of Pippi Longstocking. It's spunky but also grown-up and Scandinavian without being unfamiliar. Marina is watery of course, but also a bit mysterious and sexy.
    Of your favorites, I adore Lucy and Greta. Perhaps your husband would like Lucy more as nicknames for Lucille, Lucinda, Lucia, Lovisa?
    Greta- Margaret, Margareta, Marguerite, Gretchen?

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    I like Lucy, Clara and Eliza on your list.
    I like Amelia, Veronica, Juliet, and Genevieve.

    I like Genevieve nn Eve, Evie. I prefer Tilda over Matilda...

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    Another suggestion to consider: If you like Tessa and he likes Vanessa, perhaps you would like Nessa. Or Essie.

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    Have to voice my love for Greta - my current #1 name.

    For your questions
    Annika: I'd prn like Danica.
    Elisabeth: I'd pronounce it like Elizabeth, but agree that you should stick with the "z" name to get Eliza
    Marina: NMS
    Matilda: I love this name, but maybe I'm biased because it's what I chose to name my daughter. We decided not to use any nickname, but Tillie definitely works. Also I have had people ask me if I might call her Millie as a nickname, which is more of a stretch but I personally like it better than Tillie.
    Molly: I don't see this as too popular, but it does seem slightly cutesy to me too. Like I'd want it to be a nickname for something more substantial.
    Emilia: I'd prn this basically same as Amelia, and at that point I feel like it'd be easier to just use Amelia - more familiar, less confusion
    Quinn: I'm not a big fan, but don't think it would be a problem with the 2 K sounds. I was a KK before I got married and never had any issue with it (other than people asking if my middle name started with K a lot, but with a Q you dont have to worry about that one)

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