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    Looking for more advice on specific names

    I'm back with some follow up questions! I had posted about my name list being totally different from my husband's and asked for some suggestions that might please us both. I like shorter, simpler names, and he likes longer, more popular/throwback to our generation-type names.

    Mine are: Tessa, Eliza, Greta, Lucy, Clara

    His are: Charlotte, Amelia, Genevieve, Valerie, Veronica, Vanessa, Alexandra, Eloise, Jessica, Elizabeth, Emily, Juliet

    At this point I'm hoping maybe we can agree on Elizabeth nn Eliza, or Tessa will grow on him because of his love of Vanessa and their similarity. I do kind of like his suggestions of Juliet and maybe Genevieve (see question below).

    Some questions about some of your recommendations:

    Annika: How do you say this? Rhymes with Hannukah or Danica?
    Elisabeth: with this spelling, is the pronunciation basically the same as Elizabeth?
    Marina: what do you think of this name? I liked it a while back but took it off my list due to the association with boat docking - I thought people would find it odd for a name.
    Matilda: what do you think of this name? I don't like Mattie or Tilda for a nn. Is Tillie a good choice? Any others?
    Molly: I like this name but worry about its popularity and cutesy-ness. What do you think?
    Emilia: Is this basically pronounced the same as Amelia? Any nn options?
    Quinn: Is this too unisex to use? Also, with the last name K***ler, do you think it sounds strange and too repetitive with the hard "k" sounds?
    Genevieve: What would you use for a nn? I don't like the idea of Genny/Jenny or Evie. Maybe Genna?

    Thanks again so much - you've all been a big help!
    DS - James Joseph, 11/7/10

    DD - due 5/7/13! Possible names: Tessa, Eliza, Clara, Juliet, Genevieve, Charlotte

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    I always thought Annika rhymed with Danica, but I'm not sure. I think Elisabeth is pronounced the same as Elizabeth, but I prefer the Z myself. Plus, I picture her always having to correct the spelling. Marina is too boat-ish for me, but I love your short list of names! I was thinking that Vivi could be a cute nickname for Genevieve, but you might not like that because you don't love Evie. Genna would definitely work.
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    Annika - I always thought it rhymed with Danica.
    Elisabeth - Same pronunciation.
    Marina - I'm a city girl so the boating association wouldn't be as strong for me. I do like it but I prefer Marian or Miriam.
    Matilda - Tilda is my favorite nickname with Tillie as a close second. I love Matilda it's perfectly vintage. Another nickname option could be Mimi.
    Molly - Too cutesy for my taste. I don't think it's too popular, judging from girls I know named Molly, but it is somewhat dated. Also, it's a slang term for marijuana.
    Emilia - It's pronounced pretty much the same way just with more of an 'E' instead of an 'A'. I personally prefer Amelia. Nickname options could be Emme, Amy, Mila, and Lia.
    Quinn - Too unisex for my taste but I do find 'Q' names interesting. I wouldn't find it too repetitive with your last name.
    Genevieve - What about just Eve? I think Genna could work, but it's not my favorite. I'd use Eve.
    Good luck,

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    I think that compromise is key with naming! I love Eliza too, but would you be willing to have an Elizabeth nicknamed Eliza? To me that seems like a perfect way to keep both of you happy! I also think that Tessa could work as a nickname for Vanessa, especially if her middle name started with a "T". Juliet is a sweet little name as well, and I would keep it in your back pocket for now, along with Genevieve!

    Annika- I've always pronounced it like "Danica".
    Elisabeth- Same pronounciation as "Elizabeth", but it kind of takes away the possibility of Eliza as a nickname, which wouldn't be fair to you.
    Marina- I read a book with a main character named Marina, and thought it was a beautiful name. I wouldn't discount it because of the boat association.
    Matilda- I love Matilda! And Tilly is a great nickname. I also think that Mia could work.
    Molly- It is a cute name, but matures well too! I honestly don't hear it all that much either, so I wouldn't worry about popularity.
    Emilia- Pronounced like Amelia! I actually prefer this spelling, and it makes the name unique without being weird. Emmy, Mia, Lily, and Lia are all nickname possibilities.
    Quinn- Not at all too unisex! I love it with both genders, and I honestly can't say that I prefer with one or the other. I also like alliterative names so I think that a Quinn Kessler (as an example) would be fine.
    Genevieve- I like Genna best! I'm stumped on other options though. Nicknames often come from the strangest of places though, so I wouldn't cross it off your list because you don't have one now.

    Best of luck!

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    There should be many names that would appeal to both of you because you seem closer than you think

    Marina is a lovely suggestion! Miranda and Tabatha came to mind for me... What about Viv for a nn of Genevieve?

    What about Margo, Daphne, Camille, Zara, Gretchen, India, Jessamin, Mara, Carina, Sabine, Elaina, Gemma, Laurel?

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