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    What names go with Nathan and Maeva?

    My DH and I have recently come to a conclusion about how we are going to name our future children. I have never LOVED the name Nathan (I like it), but my DH loves it because it's his late grandfather's name. Since we've met, 6 years ago, it's been growing on me. So I recently told him that our first born son's name should be Nathan, just like his grandfather. He was very pleased to say the least. His grandfather's name was Nathan Emil Derby, but went by Ned (his initials). We definitely want to use the same initials with the option of him going by Nate or Ned.

    At this point, he likes Nathan Elliott Derby and I like Nathan Everett Derby. What do you think?

    My intentional forfeit of our future son's name was done in order to get leverage when we have our future daughter. The name I want is Maeva. I absolutely love it. I discovered it in 2004 when I was studying abroad. My DH isn't sold on it yet, but I'm working on him. Mae would be an adorable nn. We both agree that Jade could be a possible alternative. What do you think?

    What we need help with is alternate names. (In case we have 2 boys or two girls)

    What boy and girl names go with Nathan (Nate, Ned) and Maeva (Mae)?
    Boys: Nathan, Everett, Truett, Pierce, Reed, Dex, Spencer
    Girls: Maeva, Jade, Ellery, Marlow, Leila, Margo, Norah, Vivian

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