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Thread: fn for Yaxley?

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    fn for Yaxley?

    Hello berries.
    I've been using this website to look for names for about a year now and it usually worked out quite well. But now I really can't decide a characters name in a story/fanfiction I'm writing with a friend and as character-names are quite important for me I thought I could just use this as an excuse to sign in, so here I am.

    The story's set in the Harry Potter universe about 21 years after the last book. No real story arc existing yet but we're working on that.
    My character is the son of a deatheater and has some psychopathic character traits - extremely high self-esteem, manipulative, pathological liar, can be quite impulsive sometimes etc.

    I named him Lucian Aloysius Yaxley at first and while his surname is definitely set in stone and I'm quite fond of the mn too, Lucian just doesn't feel right. I then tried Sebastian, which works much better for the character imo but it doesn't really work with the sn Yaxley.

    Names of some family members, so you get an idea of the style I'd like:
    Father: Lucian Auberon
    Mother: Cassandra Drusilla
    Siblings: Victoria Lucretia, Atticus Orion and Geraldine Lilith

    Aunt (mothers side): Isodora Perpetua
    Isodoras husband: Claudius Ambrose

    So, any thoughts or suggestions?
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