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    Finally, a short list that's under control, what do you think of our top few combos?

    You all have been invaluable in this process, and I think we've finally got together a Short List. Share your thoughts, offer advice? We're going for whimsical, fairytale-esque, and fresh yet with mythological history and resonance.

    Beatrix Lucine or Beatrix Lilou
    Magdalene Elspeth or Magdalene Elisabeth (nn Mae, occasional nn Mae Beth)
    Melusine Felice (S.O. prefers Melisande, but neither of us can bring ourselves to say it correctly, and we always say mel-uh-sand, instead of mel-uh-sond. Also I like the mythology of this version).
    Odelia Fae
    Calliope Winifred (occasional nn Calla) or Calla Winifred
    Dorothea Helene (nn Thea)

    What do you think? Any suggestions? My favourite name, Juniper, was unfortunately nixed, as S.O. brought up it goes really badly with our last name (not sound-wise, but meaning-wise).

    Our last name is similar to Smith or Brown, etc.

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    I like Beatrix Lucine. It's very pretty.

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    I love Beatrix Lilou and Calliope Winifred. I think I'm leaning more toward Calliope. I love them all its so hard to choose! Beautiful names! I love Winifred I hope it comes back!!
    Good luck,

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    My favorites are Magdalene Elisabeth and Calla Winifred!
    Collecting, not expecting! Favorite names change frequently.

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    Beatrix Lucine is lovely. Unique in the right ways, with great meter, flow and meaning. I think Lilou is a flash-in-the-pan French trend (it's a baby name for Lily there that mysteriously caught on as a given name), and since both syllables are equally stressed, its meter is definitely inferior.

    From a metrical perspective, Magdalene Elisabeth is much better, as you avoid having two stressed syllables adjacent to each other. It's very pretty and refreshing to see someone considering the original English form of Magdalene, rather than Madeleine.

    Re: Melusine Felice: you mention you like the mythology, but you know she was a serpent-monster who was the undoing of her beloved, right? Regardless, I don't think Melusine pairs well with Felice-- the two ending syllables nearly rhyme, and since they're both stressed that's a lot of prominent "eeee" sounds. If you want to pronounce Melisande "mel-ih-sand,' go right ahead. That's how the medieval English speakers pronounced it before it morphed into Millicent.

    Odelia Fae leaves me cold, esp given the folksy middle name Fae (I don't see it as fairy-like, I see it as country.)

    Calla Winifred is nice-- sweet, short Calla is just the thing to make Winifred wearable. The Calliope is a funny-sounding instrument at the carnival, not just a mythological nymph, and I think it would be a tough name to have.

    Perhaps make Dorothea a bit more exotic, to stress the Thea? Dorotea or something?


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