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    Aerilee vs Aeriani

    which do you like more?

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    Your daughter is already named Aerilee, right? But you worry the name doesn't suit her?

    I think Aeriani has a pretty sound, but it's even more complex and will be even more difficult to spell than Aerilee. I do think Aerilee sounds like the adverb 'airily,' and less like a name.

    It is definitely a hassle to change an infant's name. But if you're dissatisfied with it and think you made a mistake, I would change it to something you really love. Aeriani sounds like a compromise and another rash decision, which you might regret later, just as you do Aerilee. (I also think Aeriani sounds like a kind of pasta).

    What is your daughter's current middle name? Do you want to keep that? I saw earlier you liked the name Millicent-- would you prefer something modern and creative like Aerilee, or something classic and dignified like Millicent?
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    Ehh, I'm not really sure. I'm a fan of Aria, so I'm leaning toward Aeriani, but honestly the sound of Aerilee is nicer.
    I'm not keen on how either name looks though.

    Ariani I'd like best, but really they looks very cutesy and juvenile.
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    I don't care for either because they are both trendy and made-up, I would suggest Eirwen or Eirlys, but if I had to choose I would say Aerilee.

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    Well you know from my post that I'm going through a miniature crush on the name Aerilee (though spelled Airelie). However, to be honest I know it is just a crush - as in I'd get over it and move on.

    From what it seems like from your other posts you don't love Aerilee or Aeriani at all; you just want to make family happy. Ultimately she is YOUR child and you deserve the right to name her what you want. McKenna, Aspen, and Millicent seem like far better options (from your other post) than both Aerilee and Aeriani and would make YOU much happier. Aerie can always be a nn for the family (as it is a word, so can kind of be a stretch type thing). Please go with what you want and not just stick with an "Aeri" name because your family is guilting you. She's YOUR baby. Good luck.

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