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    Question Giselle - off limits?

    Is Giselle off limits due to her first syllable?
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    Well, personally for me, it isn't off limits. The main reason though is I pronounce the first syllable with S, not Z. Even though I'm still convinced the "standard" pronunciation is with the Z, I think it would be perfectly usable.
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    I would say Giselle is of limits due to pronunciation issues. It will be probably pronounced either "gee-sell" or "giz-el". Either way it doesn't seem too appealing.

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    My husband and I both love the name. I think it's beautiful and sophisticated. I pronounce it more like Juh-zel. I think all names have pronunciation issues for some people. My name has a long 'O' and growing up, many people pronounced it with a short O. It never really bothered me though. I'm 99% sure my next daugters name will be Giselle.

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    Considering there's an internationally renowned supermodel called Giselle, I don't think there's any issue with the name.

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