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    Of Eu names, my favorite favorite is Eudora. I wish someone would bring it back! I think it's right in line with Beatrix, Odelia, and Dorothea. Eurydice - I dislike the "rid" sound. I want to make a joke like "Euripides, you buya dese" ..but it doesn't quite work with Eurydice.

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    Magdalene Elspeth is swoon worthy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    Oh, thank you for the excellent feedback! It's very helpful!

    Re: Melusine, I think there are a lot of different myths for her, and she comes off as varying levels of good and bad in each of them. The one I'm thinking of in particular shows her in a fairly strong, spunky light. That said, I'm fond of all mermaids and half human/serpent/marine type creatures, even if they sometimes come with a little bite. Hmm, but if you think there are too many negative associations, that could be bad. Also, we might be pronouncing this differently. I've been saying it MEL-uh-sin, almost like medicine but with an "l" instead of a "d". But on second thought, your way makes much more sense. Regardless, I'll put Melisande back on the table, and have a good long think about this name.

    Thank you again for all the suggestions. Averill is one I love the sound of, but tell me, am I the only one who just associates this with Avril LaVigne or whatever?

    Do you think Eurydice is usable? S.O. loves it. I'm less sold on its viability. I thought about Medieval variant "Heurodys" from Sir Orfeo, since it has a happier end, but it doesn't sound as cute.
    Happy to help!

    I think Melusine is usually pronounced mel-you-SEEN, the French way. I really vastly prefer Melisande; I think it has the same fairy tale-like feeling but good deep historical roots (there was a Queen Melisande in the 12th century).

    Averill is a wonderful old, old name. It's pronounced AY-ver-ill. Three syllables. Very different from the French word avril, ah-VREEL. It's the modern English version of Everild, who was a northern English saint and abbess. It's kind of posh and old-feeling in the UK.

    I don't think Eurydice is usable, unfortunately. I wish it were. But I think it will nearly always be pronounced You-rid-IKE or You-rid-ICE. I really like Euphrosyne, though, both for the meaning "mirth, merriment;" the mythological figure, one of the Charities; the fact that it crossed over into Christendom and was the name of several saints; the lilting pronunciation, you-FRO-sin-ee. The modern Greek form is more phonetic, Efrosyni. Nickname Effie is awesome.
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    I love Calliope and Calla, but not a big fan of Winifred. Winifred seems clunky and old to me! What about Calliope Lucine? Magdalene Elspeth is gorgeous also. However, I think Mae is not a worthy nickname for such a gorgeous name! I would probably use just Magdalene, no nickname necessary :-).

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