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    Beatrix Lucine is beautiful. I see rabbits leaping in fields of lupin! Agreeing with Blade about Lilou. Beatrix is so playful, and I think Lilou might take it a bit too far in that direction.

    Magdalene Elspeth or Magdalene Elisabeth (nn Mae, occasional nn Mae Beth) - I like both rhythmically. I do think Magdalene Elisabeth is a little more congruent. If you were using a condensed form of Magdalene, like Madlyn, I might say Elspeth. Both Magdalene and Elisabeth are very complete. This may be my favorite of your names, though I prefer Bette to Mae... I might reverse them JUST to get to Bette (betty) though Magdalene is the more unusual name. Both were on my list. Mary Magdalene is such an incredible namesake.

    Melusine Felice - I agree, the imagery of this one feels a little off, and I too prefer Melisande, even pronounced "sand." Melisande supposedly means "animal strength" but I think of it as smooth, watery, a little dark. Felice is so bright and cheerful. I might do:
    Melisande Fawn
    Melisande Fern
    Melisande Fleur
    Melisande Florence

    Odelia Fae - I think Odelia is really cool, eccentric and graceful at the same time. I rather like Odetta too. Again, prefer Fawn, Fern, even Fleur to Fae.

    Calliope Winifred (occasional nn Calla) or Calla Winifred - I like Calliope nn Calla, though I think Calypso is even cooler. To me, Winifred sounds like a big loud aunt with horse teeth. Sorry!

    Dorothea Helene (nn Thea) - I prefer Dorothy and Helena, but the rhythm works better with -thea. I love Blade's idea of Dorotea! Really, any way you use Dorothy, as long as it gets you to DOT, is fine by me.

    Too bad about Juniper. She's a lot of fun. My last name is quite botanical and it hasn't stopped me from hanging onto Ginger, but I understand the problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Beatrix Lucine is lovely. Unique in the right ways, with great meter, flow and meaning. I think Lilou is a flash-in-the-pan French trend (it's a baby name for Lily there that mysteriously caught on as a given name), and since both syllables are equally stressed, its meter is definitely inferior.

    From a metrical perspective, Magdalene Elisabeth is much better, as you avoid having two stressed syllables adjacent to each other. It's very pretty and refreshing to see someone considering the original English form of Magdalene, rather than Madeleine.

    Re: Melusine Felice: you mention you like the mythology, but you know she was a serpent-monster who was the undoing of her beloved, right? Regardless, I don't think Melusine pairs well with Felice-- the two ending syllables nearly rhyme, and since they're both stressed that's a lot of prominent "eeee" sounds. If you want to pronounce Melisande "mel-ih-sand,' go right ahead. That's how the medieval English speakers pronounced it before it morphed into Millicent.

    Odelia Fae leaves me cold, esp given the folksy middle name Fae (I don't see it as fairy-like, I see it as country.)

    Calla Winifred is nice-- sweet, short Calla is just the thing to make Winifred wearable. The Calliope is a funny-sounding instrument at the carnival, not just a mythological nymph, and I think it would be a tough name to have.

    Perhaps make Dorothea a bit more exotic, to stress the Thea? Dorotea or something?


    Oh, thank you for the excellent feedback! It's very helpful!

    Re: Melusine, I think there are a lot of different myths for her, and she comes off as varying levels of good and bad in each of them. The one I'm thinking of in particular shows her in a fairly strong, spunky light. That said, I'm fond of all mermaids and half human/serpent/marine type creatures, even if they sometimes come with a little bite. Hmm, but if you think there are too many negative associations, that could be bad. Also, we might be pronouncing this differently. I've been saying it MEL-uh-sin, almost like medicine but with an "l" instead of a "d". But on second thought, your way makes much more sense. Regardless, I'll put Melisande back on the table, and have a good long think about this name.

    Thank you again for all the suggestions. Averill is one I love the sound of, but tell me, am I the only one who just associates this with Avril LaVigne or whatever?

    Do you think Eurydice is usable? S.O. loves it. I'm less sold on its viability. I thought about Medieval variant "Heurodys" from Sir Orfeo, since it has a happier end, but it doesn't sound as cute.

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    Everyone, thank you for all the feedback! I have to run off shortly for my weekly viewing of The Vampire Diaries with a group of friends (I am secretly fourteen years old at heart), but I will be back to respond to everything shortly.

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    Odelia Fae makes me swoon. Absolutely the standout for me from that list.

    I don't think Eurydice is that usable, and with a son named Ulysses already, I worry they're too similar. I have the same issue with Melusine, I know neither of those names is actually similar to Ulysses, I just hear similar sounds in each that bother me.

    By the way, Ulysses and Bishop? To die for. I love your style.
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    I think Eurydice is usable. It's got great history and a nice lyrical sound to it. Calla is nice but feels less of a name than your other picks. I want to love Calliope but when it was on my list someone pointed out the "pee" ending and it lost its luster. What about Callista- so pretty.
    I also like Beatrix. Have you thought about Byrony?
    Melusine is not one I'm familiar with. It reminds me of a name that might confuse people a lot. I have one of those names and it can get annoying.

    I wanted to also say I know a lady named Odetta and Othella and they loved those names.
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