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    I had this same problem 3 years ago! I was torn between Eloise and Elodie but I couldn't get my husband to like Eloise (I still love it so much!) but I have a spunky 3 year old named Elodie Jayne. She fits her name indeed! A lot of people comment only good things about her name. We thought we would call her Ellie/Elly but have yet to do that. She was called peanut for a long time and now just Elodie or Elodie Jayne. But back to your daughter to be I think Emily is too popular. Elizabeth is beautiful with lots of nicknames and I like the other name Elowen. So I say Eloise, Elodie or Elowen are all close and beautiful names!

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    I personally love Elodie - I don't think it's trendy at all. I think it's classy and beautiful with a lovely history behind it.

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    cool. That is a great alternative to Eloise. You could also use Elowen or Elise.
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