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    Susannah Pearl/Corinne

    Hi all,

    I've posted recently about my daughter, Susannah. We're trying to decide on a middle name to honor either my mother or grandmother, so let me explain.

    Pearl - This ones after my grandma. Her name is Peggy which is a form of Margaret, as is Pearl. In terms of flow, I think Susannah Pearl goes better than Susannah Corinne. I was very close to my grandmother growing up and the symbolism of the pearl is very important to me.

    Corinne - This ones after mom. My moms name is Cori Lynn. Her dad wanted her middle name to be Lynn but they didn't want to name her Corinne Lynn. Not to sound cliche, but my moms my best friend. We're very close. She stayed with me for ten months in the hospital when I had cancer at 15 years old, was by side threw everything. I aspire to be just like my mom and I hope my daughter does too. The problem with Susannah Corinne's flow is it just sounds awkward, for one, and the double 'N's' in the middle of the names bother me. Are there any ideas that would honor Cori Lynn?

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Good luck,

    Married to my high school sweetheart
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    Lynn is Welsh for Lake. And Cori/Corinne is a from of Cora and means maid.

    So, what about...

    For a form of Cori :
    Susannah Cora
    Susannah Coralee
    Susannah Corissa
    Susannah Corabel

    For a form of Lynn:
    Susannah Linnet (LIN-et)
    Susannah Lake
    Susannah Lynnette
    Susannah Linny

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    What about just Susannah Cori?
    Good luck,

    Married to my high school sweetheart
    Mother to Charles Nathaniel aka Charlie [1.26.09]
    Baby due [3.17.13]

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    Susannah Lynn sounds perfect to me. Personally though, I think the flow of Susannah Corinne is beautiful and fun to say aloud. Not into Susannah Pearl, as the flow just feels choppy and Pearl seems a bit of a stretch to honor a Peggy. I can see where you're getting it from, but it just seems a bit too removed to me.

    I'll also add the ideas of:
    Susannah Rinn
    Susannah Rynn
    Susannah Rin
    Susannah Ryn

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    I actually think the flow of Susannah Corinne is nearly perfect. It would be my pick.
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