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    I like Eloise better than Emily and Elizabeth (both pretty, feminine, classic names, just always very common). I've never heard of Elodie, but in a couple of posts it was spelled "Eloide", so now I'm wondering, is that a name? How would you say it, like Eloise but Elo-eed instead?
    I also like Elise, and there are many spellings for that one!

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    I prefer Ottilie, but Elodie isnt bad. It has a pretty sound to it.

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    Hello, original poster - I think you have your answer in all of the replying posts -

    People do not even realize that you're asking about the name ELOIDE, not Elodie. You can already see what a lifetime of problems this would be for a person, not a single person actually see's the name Eloide!

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    I like Melody but it sounds dated to my ears and Elodie...I like it but I think it looks like Melody with the M chopped off and I also think that people will hear Melody every time you say her name to someone new :/. I like Eloise better or even Elowen!
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    Just to be clear, we're talking about Elodie, and not Eloide (which I'm pretty sure isn't a name)? Not that Eloide couldn't be a name, but I was fairly sure throughout reading the posts that we were all talking about Elodie, only spelling it wrong sometimes.
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