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    I really love Elodie. Eloise is nice too. Both of them seem popular on nameberry, but I have yet to meet a girl with either of those names. Elodie is my favorite. It's girly with a hint of tomboy. I can see it on any kind of girl.
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    I find Elodie a bit grating, honestly.

    I'd prefer Emily or Elizabeth despite the popularity. As long as they're spelt right I think of them as classics, perennials that are unapologetic about being around forever. Both haven't dropped off the Social Security Top 100 in over 130 years, to me that's not trendy.

    What about less-common Elizabeth variants, like Eliza or Elspeth?

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    My thought is this: although Elodie appears to have some legit historical origins, it comes off as made up and trendy. I would much prefer Melody, and Eloise is another superior choice (IMO of course.) Perhaps Elodie's history is just too obscure to make it more common-place, like the name Iris is, (another Greek name.) Elodie is very similar to the name Phaedra (yet another with Greek roots) in that respect. Both have legit historical origins, but are basically unheard of. They sound and look made up. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it! Elodie is both aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to hear.
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    I guess the Melody v. Elodie confusion (really don't know where Jodie came from...they sound totally different) doesn't totally bother me. I go by my middle name, which is one letter off from a boy name (it is NOT a boys or unisex name in any way, was just never a popular girls name so people rarely see it) and I will SAY my name....and even after that, if they see the name they don't see the spelling and will still call me the boys name.

    So anyway, I've gone my whole life being called a boy name, so to me it might be a slight annoyance but definitely not a deal-breaker.

    But, I agree that I like Eloise more than Elodie. Decisions, decisions!

    It's just funny because I never minded going by an uncommon name people never got right (maybe because it's an easy name so I just felt like the people were idiots?)....after all, my first name was Jessica and in kindergarten I insisted I go by my uncommon middle name. However, my husband has an basically unheard of name in the US that people always butcher so I think he likes things that are common and everywhere that no one will get wrong.
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    Elodie does not come off at trendy to me. It's been a well established name for century that stems from the Spanish Alodia and it feels perfectly substantial and sophisticated to me. Then again, I've been familiar with this name for quite some time. However, just because some people think it sounds trendy doesn't mean it is!

    Eloise is also quite nice. I've always grouped Elodie and Eloise together in my mind as "those pretty, somewhat uncommon French E names". I don't think you can go wrong with either one, so I would go with the one you can imagine yourself calling out more easily. Emily and Elizabeth are nice, but so common.
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