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    No reason for the E's, we are just drawn to them apparently. Elsie is was too nicknamey sounding to me, but we also do like Elise.

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    I adore Elodie as a name.
    BUT I think Eloise has more nn options and is just as cute.
    Eloise is more classic, and perhaps a better long term name for a woman.
    Both names can have the nns Elle, Ella, Ellie... but Eloise can have Lulu which has a spunky vintage feel.
    One thing I have wondered about Elodie is whether some people might say it like "Jodie" El_O-dee rather than Elo-dee.
    Every time I look at Elodie I like it, but something makes me hesitate. One thing that put me off a bit was the fact it can be said like the letters L-O-D.
    All in all though you could do a whole lot worse and it is a nice name.

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    @emiliaj I know this is really irrelevant, but you do realize you have a TON of repeats in your signature, right?
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    I like both Elodie and Eloise, but for me Eloise wins. I know Eloise is
    more popular now but I have a feeling Elodie will one day surpass
    it. Probably as an alternative to Emily. I wouldn't worry if silly people
    think it's made up because it's not and that's what matters. Don't
    accommodate ignorance. Elodie is a lovely choice.

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    I don't like the name Melody either, but I've known several of them and never even heard of the name Elodie before coming on Nameberry.
    So, basically for most people in my area I think if someone introduced themselves as Elodie, they'd say "Melody? Oh, like without the M, that's different."
    It's not terrible, it's just not my taste.
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