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    Quote Originally Posted by xiabelle View Post
    No harm in giving the name at all, IMO. People will assume it's a family name, probably, if they make an assumption at all. And if it's falling in popularity, it will be unique nowadays!

    If you love the name, use it.
    I agree!!!!

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    It largely depends on the name, but from your description, it sounds like it will be fine. Agreeing gets major points

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    I agree with everything posted above. It's not an issue! One point I also want to make (apologize if it was already made) that giving your child a "dated" name will probably be even more unique - in a good way! Very old names are coming very much back into style now. There will be many Ediths, Florences, Eleanors, and Claras and such in kindergarten in just a few years. Even though this is so special now as this revival is just starting, it may not seem as special in a few years (still love the old names though.. and would use them regardless!). An 80s name, like, say, Jennifer, will be MORE unique than the above names- believe it or not! My top pick for my next girl (if I have one) is Rachel. There might not be anything STRIKING or SURPRISING about it but I bet she'll be one of very few Rachels her age, which I think is super cool. And best of all, I just adore the name

    AND never underestimate the rarity of you and your husband agreeing on a name! It's a tough game in my house, I don't know about yours, so take advantage of it! Stop name hunting, sounds like you got it

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    Thank you to everyone for your helpful responses! The name we are considering is Vanessa. I'm so very happy to hear that someone on this board named their daughter Vanessa and is happy with with their choice! It makes me feel better about using it for my daughter. Our baby boy's name is Vincent. We like Vincent and Vanessa together. We like that they both start with a V, seem to be similar in style (not trendy, but well known), and compliment our very Italian surname. We haven't decided on a middle name, but it'll have to be a family name. We have a Clair in the family, and I like Vanessa Clair quite a bit so maybe we'll go with that. Thanks again everyone! Your responses were very helpful and insightful. This is one of the friendliest boards I've come across.

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    I don't think Vanessa is dated in the same way that Heather or Jessica is dated. I like Vanessa a lot.

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