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    What's the true harm in giving a dated name?

    I just joined in hopes of finding some answers for my baby naming dilemma. My hubby and I can only agree on one name, which happens to be a name that was at it's most popular in the 80's, and has been slowly falling in popularity since. It wasn't uber-popular in the 80's. It never made it past the top 50 on the SSA list. We both like it a lot and it goes well with our son's name. Hypothetically, is there true harm in giving your baby a name that peaked in a different generation? Like for example, could something like a dated name contribute to a child becoming an outcast at school because they feel like their name is not like the other kids'? My hubby thinks that with all the unique names given to kids these days, this won't be an issue. It's not like our generation where most kids had common names. Do you ladies agree with this statement? Thanks!!

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    No harm in giving the name at all, IMO. People will assume it's a family name, probably, if they make an assumption at all. And if it's falling in popularity, it will be unique nowadays!

    If you love the name, use it.

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    I don't think kids really care about each other's names. Unless you named your kid Poopy, of course. I went to school with girls named Dreya and Joanna and nothing bad happened to them.

    I think as long as something is a legitimate name, the only people that will really care are adults, kids won't know the difference.
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    Depends on the name. Does it have a good meaning and an attractive sound? Does it flow well with the middle name and surname? Can it be easily mispronounced or misspelled? Are there negative images/people connected with the name that may cause teasing? Does it age well from childhood to adulthood? Would you mind having the name yourself? For me, there are many variables in choosing a name.
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    I don't think there is any real problem because whether or not a name sounds dated is just a matter of taste. I personally don't like popular names from the 60's-90's because they don't seem "fresh" to me but that is an opinion coming from a name nerd. Most average people couldn't care less about how dated a name is and wouldn't think twice if you named your kid Jessica or Amanda or something along those lines. If the name fits your standards, you shouldn't let the opinion of others hold you back!

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