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  • Lila Katherine

    16 72.73%
  • Madeline Kay

    3 13.64%
  • Lacey Katherine

    1 4.55%
  • Madeline Grace

    6 27.27%
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    Need advice for girls name for sibling Michael

    Lila, Lacey, Madeline???

    I have a 2 year old named Michael and am curious if Lila and Michael are good sibling names. I love the names Lila, Madeline, Lily, Katherine, and Lacey. I like Katherine as the middle name because it was my grandmother's name. Grace is also a family name.

    Which do you prefer?
    Lila Katherine
    Madeline Kay
    Lacey Katherine
    Madeline Grace

    Thank you!

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    From your choices, I voted Lila. Michael and Madeline sound really nice together actually, but I tend to advise against using the same letter because you might be setting up a pattern. If that doesn't bother you at all (you don't plan on more kids, you have plenty of other M names you like, you wouldn't care about having a Michael, Madeline, and Alexander or something), then Madeline might be my recommendation. I prefer Madeline Grace to Madeline Kay.

    Lacey is pretty but to me it feels way past its time and it also feels like it wouldn't age well on a woman. Michael is such a solid, grounded name that I want something more timeless paired with it. I feel like Lila comes close to fitting the bill, although it is a little trendy at the moment and to me there is a lot of long I sound in Michael and Lila, although it's not a particularly big deal. Lila Katherine has really lovely flow and meaning.

    Not in the poll, but Michael and Lily would actually be my very top pick - both popular names that have huge history behind them. Lily Katherine is wonderful.

    Good luck whatever you decide!

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    I think Madeline Kay is fabulous!

    I prefer it to Lila--since Lila is so simple and different. I think Madeline matches up much better.
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    I think Madeline matches Michael better - both are traditional, with a multitude of potential nicknames. I'd like Michael and Lily, but not Lila, it just seems far too different to me, and Lacey - much more modern, nicknamey than Michael.

    I know you've got Grace and Katherine as middles, but if you'd consider either as a first name I think they would work well with Michael as well.

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