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    I can answer this one from experience. I was born in the late 80s, and my parents bestowed upon me a dreaded, VERY outdated "Mom Name." I don't want to reveal my first name (it has no connection with my username), but think along the lines of a Barbara or Sue born in the late 80s. I knew three other people with my name, all middle-aged or older, and NEVER heard of a child with my name. My sisters all got cute names from our mom, but Dad picked mine. I knew from a very young age that my name was "different" than other kids' names. I remember being embarrassed by it as early as kindergarten. However, it has grown on me since, and I don't believe it had any serious, detrimental affect on my psyche. It made me embarrassed, and that was it. Nobody ever said a single negative word to me about my name. Ever. Not a peer, not a sibling, not a relative, no one. I still did fantastic in school--top of the class--made lots of friends, was seen as very funny and outgoing, fit right in on the soccer team, fairly well-rounded, etc. I have struggled with low self-esteem, but if my name played ANY role in that, it was minor. And the thing is, one of MY favorite names, since childhood, is now considered a dated "Mom Name" as well (Jamie!), and a part of me still wants to use it on a daughter. I tend to agree with your husband--or at least hope he is right--about names being so varied today that a "dated" 80s name will fit right in and cause little to no embarrassment. I see 80s/90s names as retro, in a cool way. I also think that you could teach your child to be proud of her name. My parents never really talked about my name, other than telling me that it was just a name my dad happened to like...and his other option was Kristy (oh how I wish I could have been a Kristy!). But if I ever do go with Jamie (unlikely, in light of all the other names I love), I will make her proud of her name from infancy by telling her how much Mommy has always loved the sound, since I was a young child. I think if you teach your child to love it, she will very likely love it. In short: Go for it.

    P.S. As you can see from my signature, I'm a fan of the retro style.
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    I agree. There's nothing wrong with a dated name, as long as it ages well, and won't hinder a child through his/her life (like something like Snotfacee would, lol). Rachel is on my top 5, I would use it in a heartbeat, and lots of people consider it dated. I would love to meet a Rachel. And if your choice never entered the top 50, I would think it's even less dated than Rachel is.

    Good luck!
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    I don't see anything wrong with a dated name.
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    80s names will make a comeback!

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    Speaking as someone who was given a name that was very, very popular (#2) a good 20 year before I was born, I would say it is really not that big of a deal. Yeah in middle school I sometimes wished that I had been named something more current, like Katie or Emily, but I'm pretty sure a middle school kid will find something to complain about no matter what
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