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    She's coming early!

    Little Miss is due at the end of March 31st, but doctors think it could be as early as February 17th! I'm out of time and have no ideas.

    I'm leaning towards a S, I, E, n, or L names, but am not limited to those starting letters. I want an unusual name, that has some flow with big sister Geneva Simone.
    we like, but are not sold on:

    Indira (something holds me back)
    Eleni (not unusual enough)
    Solara (friend named her daughter this, love it, but can't use it)
    Nevara (too close looking to Geneva? Matchy?)
    Natacha - mother to Geneva Simone and Marlena Carys
    a site that surveys people with the same name.

    Current Favs:
    Boys: Archer Sloan or Merrick
    Girls: Indira Maren or Sloan

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