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    Refreshing or not?

    Sometimes I think about names so much I get bored or tired of my favorites. I used to love Penelope but I'm just a little tired of her right now. It didn't help that Kourtney used it.

    Recently I've been searching for new names to fall in love with. I've always loved nature names and I've been crushing on some "new" ones. (New to me at least.)

    What do you all think of the combo Evangeline Winter? I will be adding a second middle that will be a family name. Those names include Laine, Audrey, Joss, January, Summer, Kate, Pearl, Anna, Sherry, Lynn, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

    Any thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions?

    Some of my "old" favorites include Violet Penelope Jane, Violet Isadora Laine, Matilda January Pearl, Genevieve Summer Kate, but none of the combos are set in stone.
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    Current favorites...
    Asher Gregory James . Leo Benjamin Wilde . Finn Alexander Cove
    Violet Allegra Laine . Daisy Avalon Jane . Lola Felicity Kate

    Thinking about...
    Rowan Joshua Hart . Koa Benjamin Lane . Ezra Bellamy Fox
    Zelda Lillian Kate . Freya Elizabeth Moon . Lydia Florence Moon
    Evie Juniper . Mila Maxine . Frankie Amelia

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    I like Evangeline Winter! Very pretty and sweet. There are a few of those family names that you couldn't use with that combo, though. For example, "Winter Laine" sounds a little funny, and obviously January and Summer would be out of the question. Even Pearl is a bit suspect. However, putting one of the family names between Evangeline and Winter could work, like Evangeline Audrey Winter, which has a nice rhythm.

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    Evangeline has a pretty sound to it, but its meaning and similarity to evangelist/evangelism completely ruins it for me.

    I absolutely love Winter though.

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    I love the name Evangeline, it is a very beautiful name.

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    I love it! We considered using Evangeline Winter for our daughter but Evangeline clashes with our last name which begins with Van. We are still using Winter as a middle name though...that was non-negotiable

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