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    Post Opinions vs "Factual" Claims Rant Thing

    Hey Nameberries,

    I love Nameberry and all it's members. I adore that we get to discuss anything and everything about names.
    However, I have become increasingly aware that we have a tendency to make claims about how the world works without being able to back it up with a personal anecdote or citing a reputable source. (Online, research paper, excerpt out of a book, citation of a news report etc).

    Of course most of the time this is irrelevant! We ask each other for suggestions and personal opinions and obviously those don't need sourcing. However, when we talk about things like HR discrimination, Names that can be considered as insulting to other cultures and races, medical advice etc by enlarge, as a group, we don't tend to cite things.
    I know that it isn't part of internet culture to necessarily do so but I really wish we would. Many berries have complained about unnecessary arguments that have gotten out of hand and I think that if we could back up our claims with proof it would turn into less of an "he said, she said" and more of discussion that could benefit all.

    Claiming sources when we introduce new names to NB when we know it's origin is also helpful for other berries to verify and it help Pam and Linda out when they research a name.

    Alright, my rant-thing is now long enough. Thanks for reading. Thoughts are of course welcomed (even if you are just wanting to tell me off. )
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    Good thread, darling Lex.

    I agree with you. There's a lot of things being said without anything to back it up and it kind of bugs me. I think this is a lovely place with polite and intelligent members. Claim your sources!

    And, a digression... the way I've seen people talk to each other lately has really been bothering me. There's been a lot of name calling and very rude behaviour that I think most of us don't appreciate. But this is not the thread for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    And, a digression... the way I've seen people talk to each other lately has really been bothering me. There's been a lot of name calling and very rude behaviour that I think most of us don't appreciate. But this is not the thread for that.
    I'm glad somebody said it. Personal attacks are not cool. There are a few threads I'm afraid to read right now. We get enough name calling and attacks for what we are, think, believe, and do in the real world. It saddens me to see it happening here. If you have nothing constructive to say, don't say anything at all.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, lexiem. You're right as well.
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    If there are name calling and personal attacks please report them to me or Linda at and We don't tolerate such behavior and we will delete those threads and/or warn and then ban visitors who behave disrespectfully. Thanks.
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    Seeing as this is likely directed at me - I'm not too concerned with whether you believe what I have to say. I know what my experiences tell me and what I have learned through research. If you are interested then you should also research and come up with your own conclusions. You can take what I say for what it is, I'm not concerned enough with anyone elses opinion to go through old research papers from years ago when I was in college and post tons of citations on a NAME board, it's simply not that important to me.

    That being said, I find it highly amusing that Blade can walk around and give out medical advice / opinions / facts and no one asks her to cite anything. In reality, we have no idea who she is and what her qualifications are. Just an observation.

    Also, I don't like the name-calling, either. I feel as though there are several "prominent" members on here who are incredibly condescending and back-handed and when there is an opinion posted that they don't agree with, they jump right in and have to knock whats being said. "Wit", it's been called, recently. I'm sorry - but I don't see anything witty about putting people down, no matter how eloquently you happen to do so. There are people on here from all walks of life, all kinds of experiences and backgrounds and lately that is not being embraced, it's being put down due to a few certain members having their nose in the air and walking around like they can just say anything they want to anyone.

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