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    I have a major crush on Remy for a boy. So cute. It's not a perfect match with Archer, as they are different styles, but it isn't too far off.
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    I adore Rufus. It sounds the best with your two middle names and with Archer. I see what the previous poster said about only using it if your son has red hair, but I'd still use it! It's super adorable and meets all your criteria.

    I think Remy is too unisex for my taste. A kid back in college was named Brody and everyone called him "chodey" so I can't say I like that one... Bryson is a bit too trendy with the -son ending. Dexter has a strong connection to the TV show "Dexter"

    I would recommend Byron. It has the same feel as Bryson, just a little cooler.
    Good luck,

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    I like:
    1) Archer & Remy
    2) Archer & Rufus

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    Though I love your pick of names, Dexter is my favourite with Archer!! They are similar in sound yet very different at the same time, Arch and Dex make such a fun pair, I can totally imagine them hosting a TV Show or something.
    I love Dexter, it is such a cool name.
    My other one I like is Remy, though Archer and Remy don't flow quite as nicely in my opinion, it is still a very sweet name and I hope its comeback is quiet because I love it!
    One other name that comes to mind is Rudy, similar to both Remy and Rufus

    Good luck!
    PS. I adore the name Archer Samuel, so good!
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    Remy- NMS, this name doesn't seem like a name to me.
    Brody- I love this name
    Bryson-I like this
    Rufus and Dexter- My favorites from your list

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