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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    Have you considered Lily, Eliza, or Cecily?
    I have always loved Eliza and Lily is cute too. But my baby will have two cousins with those names... so those are out I haven't really considered Cecily. I will bring it up to the hubby. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenacityblu View Post
    considered using Quinn as a name by itself?
    I have considered Quinn by itself, but our last name is one syllable and it sounds better with a multiple syllable first name. I think I just prefer Quincy as a full name too.

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    ellenmarie -Thanks for your help!

    From your suggestions:
    Emerson is cute but my baby will have a boy cousin with this name.
    I do love Emmeline, but DH vetoed that one.
    Harper is not my favorite. It seems too masculine to me.
    Adeline and Stella I will ask DH about

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far!

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    Delaney is my favorite from your list and I really love it!

    Also, have you considered Connelly and Darcy?

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    In order I like 1) Delaney 2) Quincy 3) Gabrielle 4) Tatum.

    More suggestions:
    Adalane n.n. Laney
    Elaine n.n. Laney
    Jacqueline n.n. Quin
    Taya or Tayla
    Anastatia n.n. Tate (maybe a bit of a stretch)
    Aubrie n.n. Bri
    Gabriana n.n. Gabby

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