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    Needing Some Serious Help!

    I am new to posting on the forum. Although I have searched my heart out on NB for years. My husband and I are expecting our first at the end of February. A girl! She is threatening to come early and all we have is a short list of names that we agree on. I'm nervous I am missing out on something, although I've looked and looked. Our favorites (that are in mutual agreement) are:

    Quincy nn Quin
    Delaney nn Laney
    Tatum nn Tate
    Gabriella nn Gabi/Bri (I love this name but I don't love how popular it is)

    We both enjoy names that have easy nicknames. The name needs to be at least 2 syl. as our last name is only one syllable. I don't like youneek names or names that are super popular. But I don't want a name too far out there either. We are okay with some unisex names, but I prefer it to sound more girlie. Please help! I am looking for other suggestions that my husband and I can talk over. Thanks in advance.
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    Congratulations on your soon-to-be here little girl!
    Of your list, I prefere Quincy nn Quin and Delaney nn Laney.
    I knew a girl named Tatum, but have heard more boys with that name or just with the name Tate.
    I agree with you that Gabriella nn Gabi/Bri is really pretty but is super popular recently.
    You said you like names that are at least two syllables, not youneek or super popular, and prefer girlier names.
    Have you considered Lily, Eliza, or Cecily?

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    Quincy nn Quin- This name is definitely my favorite. It's spunky, girly with a hint of unisex, and I've noticed Q's aren't too popular. It seems to have everything you're looking for!
    Delaney nn Laney- I feel like this is really popular. It might not rank high, but I feel like every other girl where I live is called Laney. Maybe it's just where I live. Anyways, it sounds very 90's to me.
    Tatum nn Tate- Tatum sounds a little harsh and the -um ending sounds very masculine, i.e. Callum. Tate is a boys name, IMO.
    Gabriella nn Bri/Gabi- Gabriella is ok. I definitely prefer Bri to Gabi. Also, Ella or Ellie would be sweet.
    Good luck,

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    From your list I love Tatum and Delaney (in that order) All three have been ideas for my soon to be little one. I'm not crazy about Gabriella, though I do think it's a beautiful name. Have you considered using Quinn as a name by itself?

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    Congratulations on your baby girl!! You have some lovely ideas so far, so try not to fret
    Quincy nn Quin: I know it is beginning to be used for girls, but I honestly would assume boy if I heard it. It's really cute on a little girl, so I definitely see the appeal, but it isn't girly enough in my opinion.
    Delaney nn Laney: This is my favorite by far! Laney is beyond adorable as a nn. Perfectly sweet and girly, with a kind of unisex sound at the same time. Gorgeous.
    Tatum nn Tate: Like Quincy, I would assume boy if I heard it. It sounds all-boy to me.
    Gabriella nn Gabi/Bri: Too trendy-sounding for me personally, but a nice little girly name

    I would say 1) Delaney 2) Quincy 3) Gabriella 4) Tatum

    Some other suggestions for like both unisex and girly, so it might seem a little random:
    Emerson (Emmy): another unisex name, but a clearly girly nickname
    Emmeline (Emme): prettier option, I think, but I'm not sure if it's your style
    Harper: getting pretty popular, though
    Vivienne (Vivi?)
    Evalina: same frilly vibe as Gabriella, but more modern
    Adeline (Ada or Addie?)
    Stella: similar to Gabriella, more modern

    Maybe look up some surname names with the same girly vibe as Delaney or that at least have girly nicknames

    Hope this helps, and best of luck!!

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