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    Twin sister for Daphne?

    Twin girls on the way, and I *think* we've settled on Daphne for one of them (probably). I've been going over names for so many weeks (months?) that I'm feeling overwhelmed and I'd love to think about this from a fresh perspective. So, I'd love some suggestions for a twin sister for Daphne, if you're willing.

    No J-names, as mine, my husband's, and my daughter's names are all J's. M-names are tough too, because the babies' last name with be hyphenated and both names start with M! Our older daughter is Juno. Thanks, as always, for the help. I'm sure I'll be back for more of it.
    Mama to Juno Elizabeth and twins Daphne Ramona and Luella Maeve.

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    I really like Artemis or Athena. Both are Greek goddesses and sound great with Daphne.

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    Iris would be my suggestion for Daphne's twin sister. I love the way they look and sound together and they both have a mythological connection without hitting you over the head.
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    I once had a dream that I was having twin girls, and I named them Daphne and Clementine. I love the suggestion of Iris with Daphne!

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