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    With Liah Maria, I think Camille Ellen would be stunning. Evangeline is also a really nice name, but I think it's too 'formal' next to the 'spunky' Lilah. Camille however fits with perfection.
    On the boys side, it's a little harder to say. None of those names match up quite as perfectly as Camille does with Lilah, but none of them would be bad. I like Killian quite a bit, but it sounds too much like Kill Ian for me to actually use (maybe Cian/Kian, Keegan, Keenan, Kiernan?).
    I don't like Daniel as much, feels a little stuffy next to Lilah.
    Ronan has a sound that works together well with Lilah, and it's a nice name, but the meaning of it is something I've never really liked. Ronen is another option, Hebrew name that means 'song of joy' or 'joy of God'
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    Camille is on of my all time favorite names! That would definitely be my girl pick. From your boy list, I like Ronan.

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    Thank you for your input. We probably will go in with our top 3. Rex and Camille are new to our list and I really like them.

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    My vote for girl name definitely goes to CAMILLE ELLEN...Love!
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