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    5 weeks to go and still no top pick!

    5 weeks to go and we are still trying to narrow it down. DD name is Lilah Maria (Maria is a family name) Our last name sounds like Roscoe but starts with an O. What do you think about our current list?

    Camille Ellen
    Evangeline Collins
    Matilda Ellen

    Killian John
    Orion John
    Rex Patrick
    Daniel Collins

    The ones with middle names are our top contenders. The middle names are family names and most likely what we will be using no matter what the first name is.


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    Since you're having trouble picking one off the list, I recommend first of all that you eliminate the ones without middle names, since you admittedly like them the least. That will leave you with only the names that you absolutely LOVE. Then perhaps you should just not worry about picking ONE name off the list, but take the whole list to the hospital with you and see what your baby looks like. I think by that point you will just know. I personally love almost all of the names you have listed. Rex and Camille are MY favorites from your list but that shouldn't affect your decision. A comment on Killian: You said your last name is "like Roscoe." Roscoe is a surname that can also be used as a first name. If YOUR surname is one that can also be used as a first name, then I would avoid using Killian, which is also a surname. Having two surname-first name names would be tough. I've known two men with combos like that, and to this day I can still never remember which name is their first name and which name is their last name.

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    I like Camille best of your girls' names, and I like both Rex and Daniel from your boys' list. I think they'd all make great sibling names for a sister named Lilah.

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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    Of the girl picks, I prefer Matilda Ellen and Camille Ellen. I love the name Evangeline, but Matilda and Camille fit better with your daughter Lilah's name.
    Of the boy picks, I prefer Rex Patrick and Daniel Collins. I absolutely adore the name Rex, it's so classic and handsome sounding to me! And Rex seems to fit really well with Lilah.
    Good luck and congratulations!

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    All beautiful names! I feel like Camille Ellen definitely fits best with your daughter Lilah's name. Both have some sort of really cool, exotic vibe to me Evangeline & Matilda are two of my absolute favorites, but I just don't feel like they work as well with Lilah as Camille does.

    For the boy names, Orion would easily be my top pick. So unique and creative while still keeping that all-boy image. However, I feel like Orion John just doesn't work as a combo. Orion Patrick would be a STUNNING alternative! The other names just don't compare to Orion for me. I totally get the appeal of Killian and Rex, but they're just too harsh to me in comparison to the melodic Lilah. And Daniel just doesn't stand out from the crowd for me.

    Hope this helps!! Best of luck

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