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Thread: Oswin?

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    Do you like this name? I've got a few comments about Doctor Who, but I don't see why that would be a big deal.
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    I don't keep up with Doctor Who so it doesn't faze me. I love name for its meaning "divine friend". I think it's a good alternative to the more popular Oscar which I love too. You may also like Osbert (divine and bright), Osmar (divine and marvelous), Osred (divine adviser) and Osric (divine ruler). Gotta love the Ozzies!
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    I think it's cool!

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    People who watch Doctor Who now probably connect the name more with a girl than a boy, but this would probably only be a problem if you live in a place where a lot of people watch the show. If I saw a kid some years from now with the name I would probably think the parents were fans of the show.

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    I love it, and the Doctor Who connection doesn't bother me (though I do watch the show). I think it's quirky and has great nn options.
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