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    Ahead of the curve names

    I just recently met twin girls named Eliza and Ruby. But the thing that surprised me is, they were 20! That got me thinking about what it's like when a parent chooses a name destined to be fashionable much later down the line. What do you guys think? Have you met any people named things just coming into fashion? Do you think it's something parents should strive for, or is it something to be avoided? Basically, what are your thoughts!

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    My parents were 25 years ahead of the curve with me! I'm a 1985-born Sienna, which was almost unheard of at the time but has been a top-10 name here for the last few years. I still find it a little bit jarring to hear people call out for other Siennas, and at work I constantly have people telling me about their baby daughter/granddaughter named Sienna and commenting on how unusual it is to meet an adult with the name.

    My parents had no reason to think my name would ever become fashionable, but all it took was one celebrity with the name to make it take off. I do like the idea of picking names that are just ahead of the curve (maybe like Elodie or Edith would be right now) because I'm always impressed when people do have names that are a little bit ahead of their time.
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    My best friend was about 10 years ahead with Violet. At the time it was very old-lady/shy Violet, very unusual but Ben Affleck had one & the trends went toward older & flowery names.

    I don't strive to pick a name that's ahead of the curve I just hope to find something my husband and I agree on!

    I know an Eliza in her late 20s, a few Isabellas...I've often wondered if it's strange for them to meet so many babies with their names!

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    My best friend is a Kailie, and we're 25. I definitely think her parents were way ahead of the curve on that one.
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    I am friends with a fifteen year old Mia. I don't know if she knows the popularity of her name, but Mia fits her perfectly and she loves it.

    Other people I know within a few years of my age that were ahead of the baby name curve: Sienna (532 when she was born), Sophia (73, which is weird because I've never met another one), Amelia (225), Avery (486), Aubrey (250) and Evelyn (178).
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