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    Does this nn work?

    Bailey nn Leo.

    Does it work? And secondly, does it make Bailey more accessible on a boy?

    I absolutely love just Bailey, but I love the idea of having a nn in general, and I think it would help if he met some real obstacles with Bailey (although most boy Baileys I've come across seem to have no problems at all, so I don't know how much of a concern it is, really). I sort of like Bailey nn Bay, too, but I think Bay is just as gender-ambiguous as Bailey is.

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    I prefer Bay as a nn for Bailey. I always found Bailey masculine. Leo is bit of a silly stretch.

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    It could work but I don't care for it (how you are drawing it that is, as I like Leo a lot and Bailey is sweet too)

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    I think Leo would be fine as a NN at home, but unless he were to make a lot of effort to keep it going in his school life, it'd probably remain just a family NN since it's not an intuitive NN from Bailey.
    I also personally wouldn't use Bailey on a boy. For one, it's a top 100 most common girls name now. It has a history of being masculine, but sounds so similar to the Hailey's and Kaylee's out there, and has caught on as one of those super trendy girls names.

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    I think it's a bit of a stretch. If you want to use Bailey, then use Bailey. My son's name is Bailey and he is nearly 11. We haven't ever had issues with his name and in fact, only know other male Baileys. Bailey on a girl sounds funny to me now.

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