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    Sibling suggestion for Priya & Theo

    This is my very first post here so please forgive in advance if I haven't quite got a hang on how things work. We are expecting our third baby this year and enjoying looking for names.

    I would love to hear thoughts on what others think would go well with the two names we already have Priya (4 years old) and Theo (two).

    Clearly the names we have aren't really working on a theme - they were just names that we liked for their meanings at the time. We are a biracial family (Filipino/Australian) and open to names from any culture. Our surname is Spanish, Brizuela (Bris-way-lah). The meaning is probably the most important to me when it comes to names and at this stage I am looking for both boy & girl suggestions.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    I love that your kids are named "beloved" (Priya) and "divine gift" (Theo) that makes finding a great and very separate meaning a tall order. I also love that your kids have names from two very different cultures and I'd probably try to keep that going with the third. I hope the suggestion below help spark some inspiration.

    Bliss (m/f) - English
    Camille (f) - French
    Kaamil (m) - Arabic
    Kamal/Kamali (m) - African (wish I could narrow it down to a country but I would assume the similarity to Kaamil would indicate it has origins in the arabic language or a language that is similar.)
    Hao (m/f) - Vietnamese
    Temima (f) - Hebrew
    Nefrititi (f) - Egyptian (full translation "the perfect one has arrived")

    Ananda (f) - Indian/Sanskrit (I'd probably choose a non-Indian name for your second daughter so Theo isn't left out but this is a beautiful name and sounds so different from Priya).
    Sachi (f) - Japanese

    Agalia (f) - Greek
    Allegra (f) - Latin (if you don't have allegra allergy medicine where you live this feel a lot more viable than it does to me in the US).
    Ayo (f) - African
    Gil (m) - Hebrew
    Gili (f) - Hebrew
    Hedva (f) - Hebrew
    Joie (f) - French
    Jovie (f) - American

    Hessa (f) - Arabic
    Niyati (f) - Indian/Sanskrit

    *it was really fun trying to come up with names that aren't quite as western as my usual suggestions since they seem to fit with your kids and family.
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    Here's some female options:
    Carys (Welsh = love)
    Aziza (Arabic/Swahili = mighty)
    Allira (Aboriginal Australian = quartz)
    Lucia (Latin = light)
    Cordelia (Latin = heart)
    Oriana (Latin = dawn)
    Nyla (Arabic = winner)
    Anya (Russian = grace)
    Eulalia (Greek = sweet-speaking)
    Cerelia (Latin = relating to springtime)
    Celeste (Latin = heavenly)
    Aurelia (Latin = gold)
    Amaryllis (Greek = to sparkle)
    Aiyana (Cherokee = eternal bloom-- though there is some question about whether this name actually has Cherokee roots)

    Possible male name options:
    Amias (Latin = loved; beloved)
    Caius (Latin = to rejoice)
    Saul (Hebrew = prayed for)
    Callum (Scottish via Latin = dove)
    Castor (Greek = to shine)
    Zamir (Hebrew = nightingale- Arabic/Urdu = mind;heart;conscious- Albanian = good voice)
    Evander (Greek = good man)
    Riaz (Arabic = meadows;gardens)
    Salman (Arabic = safety)
    Asa (Hebrew = healer; doctor)
    Aza (Arabic = to bring comfort)
    Ronen (Hebrew = song of joy; joy of the Lord)
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    Thank you so much for these. I really like a lot of them. Particularly Hao. But I fear that Hao & Theo is a bit much? This is my problem I am really attracted to names ending with O for our boys but it's a bit matchy to have two boys with names ending it o

    *it was really fun trying to come up with names that aren't quite as western as my usual suggestions since they seem to fit with your kids and family.[/QUOTE]

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