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Thread: Ingrid?

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    What does everyone think of Ingrid? I ran across it today and I'm rather smitten with it at the moment. Is it too dated or old fashioned? Any stand out opinions about it? I'm considering for both a FN or MN.

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    I want sooooo very badly to love it because I adore the variation on it of Ygritte (which as far as I can tell, was completely made up by George R. R Martin), but it's a little harsh to my ears. That said, I knew an Ingrid, and she was lovely, and she wore her name very well. I definitely think a little cutie could pull it off. If a little dark-haired Ingrid in pig tails came up to me, I just know I'd find it super refreshing. Also consider Sigrid.

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    I really like it. I know Ingrids in their 20s so it doesn't seem too old fashioned or dated. It certainly wasn't a name of the decade at any point if that makes sense.

    I like PPs suggestion of Sigrid very much. Although the one I know (she is 18) - gets called Siggy, which being slang for cigarette isn't great.
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    I knew an Ingrid while growing up. She was Hispanic and that's the association I have with the name now. I think it's a little harsh sounding for a little girl.
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