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    My Boys List (Opinions and suggestions welcome)

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at this tread. I'm not pregnant or expecting, naming is just sort of a hobby of mine. I was wondering if you would be willing to give your opinion on my list and help me come up with some middle names. I'm open to suggestions. I'm looking for more names but I am having a hard time finding some I like, perhaps because I have no idea what my naming style is. Thank you in advance!
    My List:
    Always changing...
    Alberta . Hester . Sigrid . Frida . Edwina . Margery . Noelle
    Fergus . Edgar . Gregor . Reuben . Angus . Lucius

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    My List:
    GIRLS: Alda, Aldina, Bernice, Carolina, Elaine, Esmeralda, Glenora, Harley, Lillian
    BOYS: Alden, Euan, Glenwell, Harley, Walt, Wells

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    I like Ivar (also Ifor etc) and Alfred best. Also spotted a long-time-like, Gregor, in your signature. Njord is really interesting and Tiberius is growing on me rapidly. Alasdair is nice but very normal in comparison with the others. Have a personal dislike of letter 'v' and also the 'gus' sound, so that rules a few out for me! But I also like Thor/Tor names and found the cute Tormy a while ago. Like previous poster, Magnus seems a similar style and my other Scandinavian-themed favourites include Oskar, Ebbe and Leif. They might be a bit boring for you? Not sure I understand the art/science of combining first and middle names yet, so won't even try! Have fun
    Isolde - Eluned - Freya - Anouk - Tabitha
    Caspar - Edmund - Ebbe - Fred - Oskar

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    I like Ivar, Vilhelm, Sergius, Gustav, Sverre, Alvar, Alasdair, and Lucius. I ADORE Gustav and Alasdair.

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    Wowzah! You like those heavy names! Neat list though.

    Njord - Means "north" right? It IS very close to "nerd" which might be something to consider if you care about potential teasing. A friend of mine just used Fjord as a middle name. I think it's got a lovely sound.
    Vidar - Interesting name, but the sound doesn't appeal to me. Do you like Odin?
    Havard - sounds like a cross between "hazard" and "Harvard"
    Ivar - I like this one a lot. Wonderful meaning. Yew trees and bows and arrows! Cool.
    Haldor - I think this is an interesting, strong name. Being from the East Coast, it does slightly remind me of Caldor, the chain of stores (much like Walmart.)
    Vilhelm - I think of Kaiser Wilhelm. Not great.
    Sergius - I prefer Sergei.
    Tiberius - Really fun in that it's got some of that hip unwieldiness that you like, but also a nature name.
    Valdemar - Isn't this the villain of the Harry Potter series?
    Thorstein - Feels a little nerdy to me. I prefer Torsten, just Thor, or Hawthorne.
    Fergus - NMS. Intensely Scottish. If I were going to go for a Scottish name, I might prefer Alasdair, Donald, Malcolm, Archibald, or.... Duff!
    Gustav - A little too royal for my taste, but it's one very dignified way to get the nickname Gus.
    Sverre - I don't think it would translate well to an American audience.
    Eckhart - Tolle. No. How about just Hart?
    Alvar - Mm. I think of Alvar Aalto. Love it. Great sounding name.
    Alasdair - Yes definitely.
    Lucius - Sure. Nice name. I prefer Lucien.
    Alfred - Not quite on the same level as some of your other adventuresome names, but Alfred is fine.

    Ernst? Sindri?

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