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    Middle name suggestions for Elodie

    I'm having a hard time coming up with combos I like.

    So far the only ones I kind of like are:
    Elodie Josephine
    Elodie Tess
    Elodie Seraphina
    Elodie Corrine
    Elodie Katya
    Elodie Aveline

    Any suggestions? Please

    My daughters name is Harlow Lucille, so you know not to suggest either name

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    Harlow and Elodie is such a sweet combination! I love Elodie Josephine and Elodie Corrine from your list, but here are some other suggestions:
    Elodie Kate
    Elodie Ilene
    Elodie Amelia
    Elodie Anne
    Elodie Christine
    Elodie Nina
    Elodie Winifred
    Elodie Violet
    Elodie Martine

    Best of luck!

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    Aria Marin

    Usable or no?

    I'm aware of the Pretty Little Liars connection, that doesn't bother me.
    I tend to like names that have connecting sounds (Henry Reese is an example), Aria Marin has been intriguing me. It feels a bit like a trademark or label.
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    flick Guest

    Elodie Beatrix
    Elodie Carys
    Elodie Clara (rhymes with car, not air)
    Elodie Lux
    Elodie Olive - a little TOO much alliteration?
    Elodie Willa
    Elodie Audra

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