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    A few names for your consideration

    Just a few I've come across or been on my mind recently.

    Ezza - Saw this on a forum totally unrelated to names. The people posting were English and kept using Ezza as a nn for Eliza. I thought it was kinda cool, and could work as a nn for other names, too, such as Elizabeth.

    Jeroboam - a weird, obscure Old Testament name. It has an odd personal meaning for me. I didn't find this on Nameberry, but it has potential I think, especially with the possible nn Bo. This is just one of many elaborate Biblical names I am into right now: Lazarus, Ezekiel, Jericho... and so many of them have fantastic nn possibilities.

    Diana - this is in my top 5 right now. Partly because I really like it, and partly because it's the only name I like which my husband considers a "real name." :-)

    Pine - To me, this is an odd and sweet mn for a girl, paired with a very frilly fn maybe. I like unexpected word names.

    Senara - I think I saw this on the blog. It has a weird history involving saints and mermaids. Pretty, too!

    Saskia - I forget how I came across this, but it has a sharpness combined with loveliness that I just really like. My husband thinks it's weird, which is a recurring theme for him.

    Rome - I like this simple place name for a boy.

    Miranda - I know it's not unusual, but it's just on my mind lately. There's something a little bit magical and mermaid-y about it. I always disliked it because I was afraid it would lead to the nn Randi which I loathe. But now I'm not so sure.

    Snow - I'm kind of obsessed with this as a mn but DH hates it.

    Ariel - The Little Mermaid came out when I was 10, so Ariel will always be the ultimate Disney princess to me. (I still dye my hair red to this day.) To me this name is shimmery, luminous, oceanic, and magical. To my husband, who is 10 years older than me and, um, a dude, this is a silly Disney mermaid name. *sigh* We agree on lots of stuff, but names ain't one of 'em.

    Monica - one of my faves since I was a kid, but in the interim it was usurped by a Lewinsky and a character on Friends. However, I have a feeling the next generation will give little thought to Monicas Lewinsky & Geller-Bing.

    Hamish - DH and I were joking about the possibility of us having a ginger kid, since he has red hair in his family. We started brainstorming redhead names. He said this one as a joke, but since he mentioned it it's kinda grown on me.

    Silver - a pretty girl's name that's a bit wintry/celestial/Christmasy to me, so of course I love it.
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    Thanks for posting those ideas! I love the nn Ezza! I've never heard of it before, but it's very cool. And I have never thought of using that as a name but it brought back so many great memories just seeing the word and I'm really excited about it as a name possibility now!

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    I actually like almost all of these names. I'm pretty into whimsical names-that-other-people-don't-think-are-names names. My favorites are Silver, Snow, Pine, Saskia, and Rome. Oh, and I know several Miranda's (so the name isn't really all that attractive for me anymore, but it is a pretty name) and none of them called themselves Randi- everyone just called them by their full names. I think unless you started out calling Miranda Randi, not many people would come up with it on their own.
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    I adore Silver as a middle name. I think it's a cool way to honor my mom who loves and wears nothing but sterling silver. I tried other names to honor her, like Charlotte/Scarlet, or other names ending in - let/ette or similar to her first name. She just shot me down with a funny frown or completely ignored the thought. Lol. I am fond of Snow, too, but she will have to be born around that season.

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