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    Coretta would be perfect, I think: uncommon name, great nickname, fantastic namesake.

    Congrats and good luck!
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    Totally random, but my cousin has two kids, a brother and sister named Miles and Savannah! I think those names sound wonderful together!

    Of your choices, I like Magnolia nicknamed Nola the best. Also, how about Corrina instead of Coretta?
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    I really like Coretta too. If you're not sure about Coretta though, you could still honor Coretta Scott King by using another name that starts with Cora -Coralie, Coraline, Cora, Corinne, Coralyn, Cordelia, etc., etc. There are 175 "Cor-" names on Nameberry if you use the supersearch. Cora and Coretta both mean "maiden" -so I think another Cor- name with the same meaning would be a nod to Coretta, even though it may be more subtle. Without the 't's near the end, the name sounds softer than with them.
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    I really love Savannah, Miles and Juniper or Savvy, Miles and June together. I don't think that Juniper is too out there since I feel that Savannah and Miles have very different feels to me and I would just embrace that and go with it.
    I think that Juniper Coretta or Juniper Cora would be beautiful combos.

    To me Magnolia is a little odd with Savannah and Miles. It feels like a mix between the southern charm of Savannah and the first letter of Miles. It also kind of make Miles stand out as an odd-ball to me. Which isn't really a bad thing considering he'd be the "man" of the house. I actually think Maggie would be a cute nn for Magnolia and I wouldn't worry about the teasing potential - I think if kids want to tease and be nasty they will find a way.

    Coretta does strike me as a little difficult. I love Loretta and am not usually a fan of C-names so I think this would be a wonderful and inspirational mn choice.

    Tenaya - I like the impetus and thought process behind this name, it's just not my style. And while it shares the location/distance feel that both Savannah and Miles evoke I just feel that it's so completely different in feel and clashes with your other two kids names.

    Zahara - The Jolie-Pitt connection would bother me less than that I'd find Zahara and Savannah a bit too close in sound to me.

    Good Luck!
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    Our first son came to us through adoption, so solidarity!

    We're also a mixed race family, and for a lot of reasons, it's made naming more difficult. I am black and the S.O. is white. Our first son is black, and second is black/mixed race.

    Okay, anyway

    I don't think Coretta could work, even though Cora is a gorgeous nick name. It's just a lot, and the association is very strong. I can't hear Coretta without thinking of Coretta Scott King.

    How about Harriet, for Harriet Tubman? I think it fits well with Savannah and Miles : ) You could also call her Etta, which would be a nod to Etta James.

    Juniper is gorgeous, and I think it goes fine with your other two names. Savannah has a country twang to it, and is a nature noun, like Juniper. Miles is one of those names that gives off a number of different vibes, and fits in well with anything, to be honest.

    Zahara, I think that's not a great idea. It works for an Ethiopian-born girly, but is maybe otherwise appropriative? Also, it's hard not to think of the Jolie-Pitts, like you said.

    Other historical nods to black Americans that might be nice: Nella (as in Nella Larsen), Zora (as in Zora Neale Hurston), Rosa (or Rose?).

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